Lebanon thanks India for evacuating its citizen from Afghanistan

Beirut [Lebanon], August 22 (ANI): Lebanon’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants on Sunday expressed its gratitude to India for evacuating one of its citizens from the violence-marred Afghanistan.
The Lebanese citizen, Muhammad Khattab worked for Tremplin, a subsidiary of the Indian company Oracle in Afghanistan.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants expresses its thanks and gratitude to the friendly State of India for the unremitting efforts it has made under the difficult circumstances that Afghanistan is going through in order to evacuate the Lebanese citizen Muhammad Khattab, who works for Tremplin, an Indian subsidiary of Oracle in Afghanistan,” tweeted The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants.
A humanitarian crisis has been unfolding in the war-torn country. The recent regime change has forced many Afghans and citizens of other countries to flee the country, fearing an oppressive Taliban rule.
He was transported with Indian nationals to New Delhi onboard an Indian military plane in safety, said the ministry tweeted.

India on Sunday evacuated about 300 people from Kabul after the Taliban seized control of most parts of Afghanistan. The terror group seized control in Kabul on August 15 after the Aghanistan government collapsed with President Ashraf Ghani fleeing to the UAE.
According to reports, tens of thousands of people have been flocking to the Kabul airport desperate to flee the country that has been overtaken by the Taliban after 20 years. They fear a return to the Taliban’s brutal rule and a threat of reprisal killings. (ANI)